COVID-19 Safety

Now Offering Telemedicine!

We have the following appointment options available for any current clients. Please give us a call to discuss if one of these appeals to you:

  1. “No Contact” Appointment Schedule appointment, pull up and pass pet off to a team member, wait in the parking lot for the doctor to call to discuss your pet and his/her exam, and decide on the treatments. Pay over the phone and pull back up for pets and/or meds.
  2. Telemedicine Over the Phone Schedule an appointment, receive an email with questions to answer, and wait for a phone call. Pay over the phone. The DEA is temporarily allowing us to prescribe medications without an in-person exam during this time. Treatments, if needed, can be scheduled during the call as a drop-off and wait in the parking lot.

Please use your discretion as to whether you have been displaying any symptoms or could be at risk of being in a public environment. If you are older or are immune-compromised in any way, please consider an option above.

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